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Casio WK-500 Package

Casio WK-500 Keyboard Package

The Casio WK-500 is one series musical instrument meant for serious musicians of all playing levels. Designed to bridge the gap between smaller 61 key units and much more expensive 88 key keyboards, the WK-500 packs enough quality built-in features to satisfy the needs of beginning players to professionals, and everyone in between.

The novice musician will like the more natural feel of Casio’s touch sensitive piano-style keys. The keyboard carries the upgraded Step Up Lesson function which will have anyone playing in no time. All the included exercise songs are pre-divided into shorter musical parts, or phrases. Every Step Up Lesson will guide you through practice of the right hand part, the left hand part, and then both hand parts for each musical phrase of a chosen tune. The LCD display screen graphically shows you fingerings, keys to be pressed, and notes. Once you learn to play all the phrases separately, then you can put them all together and play the complete song with ease.

All players will be be pleased with Casio’s new AHL (Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform) sound technology. The AHL sound chip produces a realistic reproduction of 670 tones of all types of keyboards from pianos to organs, plus the sounds of every instrument in the orchestra.

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Beginning, intermediate, and even more advanced players will also find the Auto-accompaniment function, and “Music Preset Library” extremely desirable. Auto-accompaniment allows anyone to play with their own back-up band. The Casio Wk-500 contains 305 “one-touch settings” based on popular rock and pop songs. The pre-settings for tone, rhythm, effects, tempo, etc., will make time-consuming searches for the right settings a thing of the past.

Casio WK-500 SD Slot

     Built-in SD Card Slot

Gigging musicians and song writers will discover the more advanced features of the WK-500 to be well suited to their performance and composing requirements. The Registration Memory stores up to 32 set-ups for quick access. The on-board Sampler, Sequencer (6 track/5 songs), Pitch Bend Wheel, and USB/MIDI (GM) connection makes recording and playback of any style of music a breeze. The SD Card Slot offers expansion of song memory.

Click on the video below to listen to the various piano sounds the WK-500 can produce

Watch how to use the Casio’s Tone functions

Using the rhythm editor is fun and easy to do

Now watch how to do
Multi-Track recording with the WK-500

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The WK-500 is for:

  1. Serious players of all levels looking for more than 61 keys
  2. Anyone looking for a light-weight, portable, full-featured keyboard
  3. Musicians needing a versatile, attractively priced, keyboard for practice, performance, and recording

Product features of the WK-500

  • 76 piano-style touch responsive keys with two sensitivity levels plus off
  • 670 high-quality tones including stereo grand piano tones
  • 48 note polyphony (maximum)
  • 200 different rhythms with 77 ethnic rhythms and 20 pattersn for piano play
  • Rhythm Editor: 10 user rhythms
  • 152 Song Bank Library, including 50 exercise phrases
  • Casio Step Up Lesson function
  • Casio Music Challenge exercise/game function
  • Song Expansion: 10 song maximum approximately 320 KB total
  • Auto-accompaniment
  • 305 Music Presets
  • Registration Memory (8 banks x 4 sets for up to 32 setups)
  • One Touch Preset (200 presets)
  • Digital Effects: 10 reverbs, 5 choruses
  • Preset Scale (16 scales)
  • Scale memory (4 scales)
  • Pitch Bend Wheel: change the pitch of played notes to authentically reproduce guitar or saxophone playing techniques
  • Auto-Harmonizer (12 Types)
  • Arpeggiator (90 types)
  • Metronome
  • On-board Sampler (10 second maximum)
  • On-board Recorder: 6 tracks x 5 songs
  • Rhythm/Song Bank Controller
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • USB port for computer connection
  • GM level 1 compatible
  • Line Out
  • SD Card Slot
  • Audio Input: connect a CD or MP3 player
  • Microphone Input
  • Headphone Input
  • Pedal Input
  • Stereo Speakers (6W + 6W)
  • Power Input
  • Keyboard can also be powered up to five hours with 6 D batteries
  • Comes with song book, music stand, and AD12 ML adapter
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    The Good
    • Quality built instrument for musicians of all levels
    • Versatile, portable and affordable, for practice, performance, or recording
    • SD Slot offers limitless expansion of internal song memory
    The Bad
    • Keys are not “weighted”
    • Headphones not of highest quality
    • USB cable must be purchased separately
    • Sustain pedal must be purchased separately

    Let’s read what some customers have to say:

    Review by LCS:

      Rated 5 Stars

    Grand piano sounds much better than many more expensive keyboards. Great options let me run loops and electric guitar with pedal through it to perform as one-man band.

    This review paraphrased for space.
    To read complete review click here

    Review by Sedric C:

      Rated 5 Stars

    Superb Keyboard!

    I bought this keyboard to play at church and it has exceeded all expectation as far as tones, midi song creation, and memory storage. I am truly satisfied. I feel this instrument will help me grow musically, and I would recommend it to all family, friends, and aspiring musicians.

    This review paraphrased for space.
    To read complete review click here

    Our conclusion:

    The 76 Key Casio WK-500 Keyboard is terrific choice for any level of serious player who is looking for more than 61 keys, and needs a musical instrument suitable for practice, performance, and/or music composition.

    Although novice players may be a bit intimidated by the abundance of features packed into this powerful unit, it’s value will grow along with the playing abilities of any student of the keyboard. However, the WK-500 is a serious instrument meant for serious musicians. If you are making a purchase for someone not yet totally committed, or if you’re not sure, we would recommend looking at a smaller less expensive keyboard such as Casio’s CTK-2100, or The Yamaha EZ-200.

    For the advanced musician or professional more interested in the production of quality recordings, we would recommend looking at The Korg X-50

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