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Casio WK-200 Package

Casio WK-200 Keyboard Package

The Casio Wk-200 76 Key Personal Keyboard is a quality built, easy to use, and economically priced keyboard instrument, as well as being a full-featured introductory digital workstaion. The WK-200 is an ideal choice for musicians of any level looking to play a broader range of music requiring more than 61 keys, and who are also interested in creating and performing their own music.

For novice players, the included “Step Up Lessons” provide musical pieces divided into short, easy-to-master phrases making it easy for just about anyone to learn to play.

Cassio WK-200 LCD Display

     Intuitive Editing and Controls

A large LCD display graphically shows you fingerings, proper keys to be pressed, and notes, making keyboard play informative and enjoyable.

The Voice Fingering Guide senses if you are having problems, and will help you by calling out finger numbers in a simulated human voice.

     76 touch-sensivtive standard      size keys

For more advanced musicians and professionals on a budget, the WK-200 offers 76 highly responsive “touch sensitive” keys, Casio’s New AHL sound source (Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform) with 570 tones, and 48 tone maximum polyphony, minimizing the chance of dropped notes when tones are layered and when playing with Auto Accompaniment.

This very powerful and surprisingly affordable instrument also features an on-board sequencer, for unparalleled creative possibilities! You can record as many as 5 songs with 6 tracks each.

Casio has made this keyboard computer connectable via USB port, MIDI capable, and it even has MP3/Audio connectivity. The WK-200 also features a nice 10 second sampling feature, which will allow you to sample almost anything that you can think of and add it to your compositions and arrangements.

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Watch how to select and layer Casio tones in the video below

Now watch how to use the Casio Rhythm Editor

Have fun using your iPod with the Casio

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The WK-200 is for:

  1. Beginning as well as advanced musicians who want more than 61 keys
  2. People looking for a high qualtiy, easy to learn, and easy to operate keyboard
  3. Advanced and professional players on a budget who need a versatile, light-weight, mobile keyboard instrument for practice, as well as for gigging, and/or composing and recording

Product features of the Casio WK-200

  • 76 touch responsive piano-style keys with 2 levels of sensitivity as well as off
  • 48 note maximum polyphony
  • 570 high-quality tones including stereo grand piano
  • 180 rhythms with 74 ethnic rhythms plus 20 different piano play patterns
  • Rhythm editor with 10 user rhythms
  • 305 music presets
  • Registration (8 banks x 4 sets for 32 setups)
  • One Touch Preset (180 presets)
  • Rhythm/Song Bank Controller
  • Song Bank with 152 tunes, including 50 instructional exercise phrases
  • Auto-accompaniment
  • Song Expansion: up to 10 songs (approximately 320 KB)
  • Preset Scale with 16 additional scales
  • On-board sampler with 10 second capability
  • On-board recorder/sequencer for up to 5 songs of 6 tracks each
  • Digital Effects: 10 reverbs and 5 choruses
  • Auto Harmonizer (12 types)
  • Arpeggiator (90 types)
  • Metronome
  • Back-lit LCD Display
  • Headphone jack, 1/8″
  • USB port for MIDI
  • Pedal input
  • Mic jack
  • Stereo audio in
  • GM level 1 compatible
  • Stereo speakers
  • Keyboard can be powered up to five hours with 6 D batteries
  • Comes with song book and music rest
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The Good
  • Well built, light weight, and portable
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Many sounds and styles
  • Excellent keyboard learning tool
  • Great for practice, performance, composing, and arranging
  • Budget priced
The Bad
  • Keys are not “weighted”
  • Lose your settings when keyboard turned off
  • Sampled sounds are lost if power supply unplugged and no batteries in keyboard
  • Instruction manual a bit lacking
  • Foot pedal must be purchased separately

Let’s read what a customer has to say…

Review by Robert C.

  Rated 5 Stars


Very satisfied with this purchase

The keyboard is well worth the money, especially with the stand, power supply and headphones being included. You can use the split keyboard options and the layer options with all 570 built-in sounds. Songs in the included song book are for players of all skill levels, and are preloaded so you can play along if you want. Keyboard is a good deal and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Review paraphrased for space.
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Our conclusion:
The Casio WK-200 is an excellent keyboard for the price. It is a wise choice for students as well as budget minded gigging and music composing professionals.

Be aware that while most buyers have been pleased with the WK-200 Personal Keyboard Package deal, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the included headphones, and/or instrument stand.

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You may purchase a higher quality power supply, instrument stand, and/or headphones separately.

For advanced players and professional musicians who need more performance and composing capabilities, you can move up to the model WK-500 for just a slightly higher price. This keyboard features 670 tones (up from the WK-200’s 570 tones), and a pitch bend wheel.

The most useful feature of the WK-500 is that it also supports SD Memory Cards up to 2 GB, so you can store sampled sounds, user rhythms, recorded songs, and more, without running out of memory.

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