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Yamaha EZ-200 Keyboard Bundle

Yamaha EZ-200 Keyboard Bundle

There are many reasons why the Yamaha EZ 200 61 Key Lighted Keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great sounding instrument that makes learning to play easy as well as a lot of fun. The EZ 200 was specifically designed for beginners. The included Yamaha Education Suite working in conjunction with the EZ-200’s special guide lamps ( the keyboard lights up the keys you are supposed to play), makes for a truly intuitive learning experience. There are 100 preloaded songs to get any novice on their way to playing quickly and easily.

In addition, the unit’s “built-in-band” provides 100 styles of music so you can play any tune any way you want to. Just punch in your favorite musical style such as Big Band, Country, or Rock, and the EZ200 will follow you through any piece of music adding all of the bass, drum, horn, guitar, and string parts automatically while you play in simple single finger mode, or in the more advanced full finger and chord mode.

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Watch a complete novice play this keyboard

Now watch what a pro can do with the EZ-200

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The EZ-200 is for:

  1. Beginning as well as intermediate players.
  2. People looking for a high qualtiy, versatile, easy to learn, and easy to operate keyboard instrument.
  3. Anyone looking for solid value at a great price.

Product features of the EZ-200

  • Easy-to-play, portable keyboard with 61 lighted keys, 100 pre-loaded songs, full chord dictionary, and detailed instructions for all learning capabilities
  • Touch sensitive keyboard responds just like an acoustic piano
  • 367 Voices give you a choice of almost every instrument in the orchestra
  • 100 styles of music built-in
  • One-Touch Setting automatically sets the proper sounds with any style of music
  • 32 note polyphony and 16 part multi timbral…allows the playback of 16 different parts or sounds at once
  • 9 top quality reverb effects….a first in this price range…will simulate playing in anything from small room to large concert hall
  • Fully adjustable metronome
  • Stereo speakers
  • MIDI In/Out jack
  • Sustain Pedal jack
  • Headphone jack for private practice
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The Good
  • Well built, light weight, and portable
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Many sounds and styles
  • Excellent keyboard learning tool
  • High value and great price
The Bad
  • Does not come with a USB connection
  • Keys are not “weighted”
  • The songs in the included song book are in small print
  • Foot pedal must be purchased separately

Let’s read what a customer has to say…

Review by S..

  Top Rated 5 Stars

  Everything it should be. Great Buy!

I tested various keyboards and found the Yamaha boards were consistently great. They all have good spring and are not stiff…good for quick runs and really responsive. I bought the Yamaha EZ-200 for my kid who wants to learn. She was soon playing along with the backing tracks and having lots of fun. The sound is great. The controls are easy to navigate. My daughter had the programming down in five minutes…
Great buy! Bravo, Yamaha!

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Our conclusion:
The EZ-200 Yamaha 61 Key Electronic Keyboard
is a high value learning instrument at a great price.

Be aware that while most buyers have been pleased with the EZ-200 Premium Bundle, a few customers have expressed some dissatisfaction in the quality of the included headphones, and/or instrument stand.

To purchase or preview the Yamaha EZ-200 by itself, click here now.

You may purchase a higher quality set of headphones, and/or instrument stand separately.

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